Interesting Legislation Introduced… 115th Congress - So Far...

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  • [ – ] MikeTheMugger reply Nice video. You don't see too many alt media accounts here on vidme. They seem to get burried under DBZ and anime vids.
    • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply Thanks! I spoke directly to vidme and asked them what I should post these videos under bc obviously my entire channel is politics - they said to put it under 'brainfood' for now... so that is what I am doing... I honestly have not looked around vidme at all. I just started to use this site because YouTube is becoming a problem with the new Hero Program - I have a couple strikes on my account for stupid reasons which I cannot fix and they are not even specific... although it is not effecting my "monotizing" - so I do not know what is going on. A bunch of my subs started recommending all these alternate sites - so I hopped onto all of them
      • [ – ] MikeTheMugger parent reply I encountered something similar. Although my videos were not stricken down I found that they were not showing up in searches. AKA shadow-ban. Also, people were randomly being un-subbed from me. Computing Forever recommended this site so I figured I'd give it a shot. Rant Media is trying to rev back up, so I am currently working on finding a new platform for Tin Foil Rantcast. So far I have not been impressed by vidme. Blog talk Radio may be a better home. I'll try it out here for a bit longer. I'm subbed to you on U-tube now. Strange I never found your channel before.
        • [ – ] RURdy4It parent reply Ever since the election - my channel has been popping up everywhere apparently... so I am assuming the current climate - ie pple searching stuff - has created that - I am not sure. Oh yea - I have had that sub problem for a long time as well. I have never heard of the other place you mentioned...
          • [ – ] NoBS4U parent reply Word of mouth and hunger for the Truth is why you getting noticed. I admit I got lucky with David Seaman's move over here. While the Global Human trafficking is trending, your insight on Politics is your natural strength. You are the "good cop" to David Seaman's bad boy image. Sorry for the hijack @MikeTheMugger, I feel like a stalker now ;-)
            • RURdy4It parent reply I have no idea who David is... lol... Word of mouth huh - weird... it is just interesting because I have been doing this on YouTube for about 4 years and my channel has just recently been getting a shitload of traffic vs the entire time I have been doing this... I honestly chalked it up to the current interest and climate of politics.
          • MikeTheMugger parent reply Before I started on U-tube I was mainly creating stuff for . It kinda turned into a ghost town when a few of the major content creators left, so I moved to U-tube. Here's an example of the kind of podcasts i do for Tin Foil: also:
      • [ – ] MikeTheMugger parent reply How are you setting the content to Brainfood? It doesn't seem to be a hashtag?
    • [ – ] soothsayer parent reply New to vidme. Can you recommend more content creators of similar quality to RURdy4It?
  • MommaSoe4 reply Love your very easy explanations. Thank you. Keep up thee great work!
  • [ – ] draph91 reply what's the name of this act?
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