NewTuber Advice (Part 3, Community Building!!!)

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  • [ – ] UnknownWasTaken reply great video man, these advice videos are pretty helpful, and provide insight into growing a channel and being a better creator in ways I wouldn't have thought of.
    • MajorSvenGaming parent reply Thanks so much for watching man... getting yourself out there and interacting really helps... Luv4Luv man, show a bit of care and consideration and you will get some back.. not from everyone but from the decent people
  • [ – ] Neilist reply "love for love" an amazing motto to live by. I'm glad we've become something like friends. I'm glad that you are good at reaching out to people. Probably would never have any success without you, it's an odd thing to say, but you are such an encouraging, loving, amazing person. Great video as always.
    • [ – ] MajorSvenGaming parent reply Aww mate... That is beautiful, I would like to think we are friends, online ones, but chatting, playing games, supporting each other... its what friends do :) You would have had success though you have great style, others have seen that too.. Thanks man for watching :)
      • [ – ] Neilist parent reply I can make words good sometimes. And yes, friends.. just friends.. heh heh.. But seriously, I'm one of those idiots that starts a hundred projects and finishes none, your encouragement and kind words pushed me to keep doing this. Once I get through the second bloodborne video I hope we can do many more games together :)
        • MajorSvenGaming parent reply Ha, well its good to see you stick at this project, I am pleased to have helped and yay once Bloodborn part 2 is complete I also cannot wait to tackle more videos... I really need to master this PC thing so I can join you there :)
  • [ – ] CooTacious reply As always great video with a lot of good points! I´m closing up to 500 views on the channel right now. It may have taken a while but I am really proud of it :D This series inspires me and makes me better. Keep up the good work :)
    • [ – ] MajorSvenGaming parent reply Happy to help man.. Keep it up every view, comment, like, message, upvote is a gift as no one is obligated to do it.. It also starts to snowball a little bit, my first 1000 views took a lot longer than the next few, Im close to 7000 all told now and I was probably on about 2000 at the start of December :)
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