Love the PROCESS or you'll never reach your goal.

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  • John-Goras reply This was good. So many people want accolades, fame/notoriety, riches. They just don't want to do anything special to get it. And it's the doing something special that gives life it's meaning/worth. Like, I'm an animator, dig, and I'm an a-hole for plugging it here and there and everywhere remotely applicable. Meanwhile, living the Freddy Got Fingered life for a way overextended period of time. See, that's IT. You need to have the reality of your own life to work off of/from instead of yearning for someone else's reality. It's gravity and resistance that makes a person strong. Dreams are for dreamers, life is for doers. However you define life.
  • [ – ] Capp00 reply The process can bog you down though, so it definitely needs to be something you enjoy, or at least see the end-game as valuable enough to trudge through the process :)
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