TV Trash: 208 - Drawn Together

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply I am going to be honest by saying that this show had potential to be funny, but it got wasted on imitation Family Guy humor. (Read: Blind references, randomness, and poorly-thought out shock humor.) I'm also sick of fake Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Lao/etc., though The Nutshack had a good excuse. As said before, I will admit that I still enjoy the first five seasons of South Park. From season six onward, however, they are too boring, annoying, and dumb to be funny. Plus, absurdist comedy and dead serious tend to cancel each other out. By the way, thanks for debunking the myth about Walt Disney being an anti-semite, especially when four of his best-known animators were Jewish. Those four were Isadore "Friz" Freleng, Art Babbit (short for Babitski), Berny Wolf, and Joe Grant. Maybe you should go after Thad Komorowski next for his attacks on Bob Clampett. Just because you don't find his cartoons to be funny doesn't give you the right to slander him after he died. Back to DT, I have listed way...mores how I would improve the show. One of which is a parody of ultra-violent anime and fighting game characters.
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