Trump Decries "Witch Hunt" Investigations and Speculations

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  • [ – ] Yuung_Maan reply I'm getting pretty tired of all this crazy ass bullshit. Trump's agenda aligns with my views, and I feel good about the possibility of our economy being re-energized. I know Impeachment isn't removal, but this video actually made me feel a little better.
  • AvenueofIntrigue reply Trump is right. It's getting pretty ridiculous.
  • AngelofSorrow reply Russia influenced the election so badly that Hillary got majority vote...But Trump won and bombed a base in Syria against the wishes of Russia...But he's still in the pocket of Putin...???!!! The fuck?!
  • userXVI reply Lets think about it, Why is there an entity damaging a President? Why is this entity against the United stated trying to create beneficial agreements with a foreign government? We could benefit from having diplomatic ties with the world. My personal opinion aside.
  • Good_News_This_Morning reply So, good choice of special counsel then?
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