Woodman - Mega Man 2: part 4 - itssbbz

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  • [ – ] RontroGaming reply So the score is now 4 - 0 in sbbz favor! Nice skills man. I really enjoy watching your videos and can't wait to see some more Mega Man 2. I'm pulling for you to pull off a no death run. Keep it going dude!
    • [ – ] itssbbz parent reply As long as I dont get stuck on something annoying, like the disapearing blocks in Heatmans stage, I think I'll manage! Not making any promises tho! :)
      • RontroGaming parent reply I also forgot to mention I have a Mega Man 2 review up on here if you care to view it. If not that's cool but I thought I'd make you aware of it being the huge Mega Man 2 fan that you are.
      • RontroGaming parent reply Oh god, the disappearing blocks, my least favorite thing about any Mega Man game. Good luck though dude. As I said, I'm pulling for ya!
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