IRON MAN Epic Collection Book Review - Marvel Comics Trade Paperback

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  • [ – ] PauloCosta reply Ah... Iron Man. I love Iron Man. And yet I find his solo stories boring. Apart from the Michelinie/Layton/Romita run, I only like Iron Man when he's in the Avengers. But, hey, that volume has the first meeting between an Avenger and an X-Men, with Angel passing through a "radioactive cloud of evil" and battling Iron Man. That story is drawn by Steve Ditko, like the first appearance of the red-and-gold armor.
    • ComicToyReviews parent reply And the George Tuska run after that is just terrible. Flat, lifeless art just going through the paces. I liked the Avengers team up settings best as well. :)
    • ComicToyReviews parent reply Thanks I suppose to each there own. I actually liked the Heck run which is complete in this volume. The armor changes, the first appearances and all. I found the Gene Colan run which I read in the Essential and takes place right after this rather boring. And breaking no new ground and not innovative. lol
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