Games I Beat (2016) Part 2

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply I was totally put off star fox because people said the control is bad and because I've never been a big fan of star fox. Just casually beat the originals a few times so I probably won't ever play it. You seem to nail home the view that the control ruins it. Doom is another I haven't played but would love too because like you said the single player is amazing and I'm a solo player always have been. Xenoblade was a game on my list since the wii. Its got one of the best looking box arts ever in my opinion its simple looking but beautiful. You played some really interesting games last year they are all games on my list or ones I've heard of. Balders gate is such a classic. I am setsuna i had my eyes on when i see the screenshots. Mario 3 is classic!! I was looking forward to rainbow six when announced but upon release i was like nah! But dude. Great video man this is a really good round up of the games you please.
    • [ – ] RetroPowerUp parent reply It really could have been a decent StarFox game if they made the motion controls optional. Maybe one day they'll patch it, but I'm so doubtful. Definitely pickup Doom, you won't regret it! R6 Siege is my go-to multiplayer shooter game now. I play it at least 2-3 nights a week with my friends. It's so good!
      • Rawman parent reply I was really upset with the wii u because i was forced to use the wii u gamepad and had to leave it on 100% of the time even to navigate the basic home screen, and they never updated it, its very unlikely they will with the game i feel and with the switch you know it will get a port with motion controls again haha. tbh Doom and Starwars battlefront was 2 games i wanted but i figured id wait until it was pennies. I will see if i can borrow R6 and try it on your recommendation.
  • spiderfan_MJ reply Cool video man. :)
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