Raw & Real: What Love on Vidme?! Small Vidme Users Are UNNOTICED!

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  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply i wish i could help all the small creators. That's why i try to motivate everyone that watches my videos. A lot of small creators give up too fast. You need to keep pushing if you want to grow and get noticed. For some it takes time, and others get lucky and blow up quicker.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply That is so true honey, but I'm not giving up, I also want to help as much as I can...and yes, I had to shout you out, didn't know if you'll see it and even know LOL, but you're doing a lot for the Vidme fam for you're giving them hope & pure motivation, so I appreciate YOU brutha! <3
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply Hey I wish I would have found u sooner. You see thru the bs too lol I was actually tweeting about these same things this week. What u say is true. I can be a bit controversial cause I question everyone and everything even this guy here askagangsta on his love video lolol but its a good thing I think. The community has changed since I first started and become very fake but the best thing to do is not feed into it to simply trend and be popular but to call people out so everyone gets a fair opportunity. Even if that means calling vidme out lol. *im surprised people still like and actually support me xD* I feel like u see the things most people are trying to ignore so I feel you on this video. Good job.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Hey bunniiBGG :-D , you know you're my 100th follower, right?! LOL WOOHOO But sis, honey, gurl LOL, for us to be controversial & outspoken, that makes two of us *HIGH FIVE*, I can tell that you're just as skeptial as I am hahaha, we got to be, because I just got here & already I'm feeling a fake vibe from Vidme...and there's not enough of us of color representing too?! So I'm like, "Let me put my ass out there & speak some shit that nobody else would say or that they'll be afraid to do so...", I'm that Raw & Real person lol! Honestly, I didn't know how folks were going to react to my vid, but I see that there's some awesome positive energy out of this, which I am so grateful for, YESSSS! LOL And no worries on not finding me sooner, you found me today haha! But thank yooooou for the love, the support, the feedback...and being my 100th follower, FUCK YEAH! LOL :-D
      • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply omg you are so funny lol i like you! ^^ IM YOUR 100th FOLLOWER WHAAAAA!? i feel so special! congrats i hope you continue to grow! yea the community is still a good one but i think at times like these theres a lot of confusion and theres gotta be people like us point out the flaws and question ourselves ya know? we should all get along and support each other while still being independent and not followers (doing our own thing) anyways looking forward to seeing you more! ima find you on twitter too lol
        • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Awwwwwww *BIG HUGZ & blushing*, and yaaay, I've surpassed the 100th now, my goodness lol, and thank you! :-D Yeah, I feel you honey, if something ain't right, we got to say something & not be afraid, you see I wasn't LOL! But please, check out my past vids, worth listening to & watching! :-D
  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply You've always been your real self Tiffany, that's why we first met on YouTube 😊 Smaller creators will always face the struggle unfortunately. Many times I've considered quitting; (many times indeed) but it's usually around that time I come up with a new idea. But It's really hard to spend hours (sometimes days) working hard making something to only get a few views. I've tried to get involved with the wider community but so far it's not been very prosperous. It's a bit like talking to yourself sometimes, but I persevere.... I think "bandwagon" is definitely an issue right now. That's a fine record collection Tiffany, awesome 👏
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Awwww shucks, you know I always keep it 100...and you like it :-D . It shouldn't be so hard for us to start off, even if we're sharing across every, single platform, there shouldn't be a struggle :( ...and you wanted to quit Westley (oh noooo, don't please!)?! :-O It does feel like all of that hard work is in vain, I hate that shit :( and I'm sorry that you're struggling too *BIG HUGZ*...wow...I said the same damn thing, "If I'm not getting the views, comments, etc., then what's the fucking point?! I feel like I'm talking to myself & if that's the case I'll might as well make private vids & won't get seen at all, but then again, that defeats the purpose in making vids...especially if I want the public to see it!" uuuuuuuhhhgggg THE STRUGGLE LMAO!!! Oh glory, the bandwagon vidme folks, the favortism (especially in "Trending")...that need to stop, because it's taking away the spotlight for the smaller folks, not fair! But honey, all we can do is continue to love what we do, be as crea...moretive as we can & keep on keeping on...and you're the ONLY vidizen who has mentioned about my record collection *cheezin* thank yoooou, I'm glad that it came from you. :-D
      • Westley_Nash parent reply A record collection of that caliber needs plenty of praise I say 😎 Like I say, people warm to open & genuine people. The best thing we as creators can do is create. I think we do get there eventually, it just takes time (unless we are extremely lucky to pop overnight 😉) one step at a time I guess. I am getting a lot more views on my videos now than I ever did before so I tend to focus on that little victory, which does help sedate the downers a little.
  • [ – ] capitanbastos reply I do like you, so I followed you, you do seem to shoot from the hip. I don´t know about vidme, I´m on the fence. I´m all for spreading the love and positivity, but on youtube I have a stronger sense of community at least within my circle. I´m not here or on youtube for the money. But I got love for you.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Awwwww I appreciate the love capitanbastos, and I USED to have a stronger community connection, but it's no longer there, nearly everybody just...drifted...maybe it's the money, IDK lol...and I was TRYING to get the few that are still around on YouTube to come to Vidme, a few did lol. But thank you for showing love & support honey, for I'm all about spreading love too, believe it or not! :-D
      • [ – ] capitanbastos parent reply I hear you and I do believe you´re for spreading the love, still on the fence about Vidme as a platform for me, though. ;-) There´s one thing about Vidme that really annoys me and it´s the auto up vote. I never like my own posts or uploads on any social platform, not on purpose.
        • PoeticOldSoul parent reply I guess I'm still on the fence too, but fuck it, came back full force & just had to speak on this issue that hardly anyone is talking about...ahh the, auto upvote lol, I ignore that lol! :-P
  • [ – ] TanyaMills reply Your presence always warms my heart, no matter how I am feeling that day. And I know I was truly blessed the day I started watching your videos and listened to your powerful words. I am so sorry you have to come across racist scum and their videos. Unfortunately I found Vidme to be very apathetic for the most part, with little cliques here and there if anything. Video shoutouts were the only things I could think of doing to bring people together and unite them. All I can say is if you believe it is possible to unite Vidme in some way, believe it with all your heart and go for it. I believe in you. Big hugs sweetie. I may not be here, but I am still here, if that made any sense. :)
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Oooooo Tanya *BIG HUGZ* you got a sistah blushing over here lol, I'm glad to warm your heart & spirit sweetheart! <3 Yeah, about the racist shit & scumbags *smh*, that irritated the fuck out of me, and if I was to say a word, it wouldn't get heard *SNAP*, so there's no point in putting in that energy in debating with them, for I surely don't want to be a target. Yeah, I'm noticing that more and more, with the cliques & fake energy, I see it gurl, it's some bullshit, they're TRYING to be like the "new YouTube" *smh*, and when it comes to a problem, I got to find a solution, so shout-outs is my only solution that's within my power as a Vidme user...so yes, I'm going for it honey! You're such a sweetheart, I swear *BIGGER HUGZ*, and what you said made sense, I know you're here. <3
  • [ – ] ZTV_Productions reply I really hope that the past is not about to repeat. What's happening to Vidme now is what happened to Youtube back in the day once it got brought out. The only difference is that the Vidme staff is still close and is listening, while Youtube leaned back and let Google take the wheel. I hope the Vidme staff listens to you and the others who are spreading constructive feedback. It is the Staff's site at the end of the day, and they've got final say over how things operate here. That being said, it does take a community to build a town, then a city, and onward.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Honey, I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said, and Lord forbid #Vidme turns into YouTube, they better not sell out! LOL Also, I want Vidme to listen to all of us, because we matter, but...it's really up to them on how they want to solve this smaller Vidme user problem...I mean, Vidme thinks (according to Twitter) that removing the viewer count on our vids (but making it private for us to see) is going to help "balance the field for smaller creators"...HOW SO?! LOL It's not going to highlight them, that's not solving the problem with them being left behind! LOL Anyway, it's really up to us to build this community, so you've hit the nail in the head honey, thank you! ;)
      • [ – ] ZTV_Productions parent reply lol. Nope. That's not going to solve the problem at all. I can understand Vidme's perspective in searching for and promoting those big Youtubers who come here, as well as those whom they deem equivalent here on Vidme. What they're missing is that all those big Youtubers began as small creators. They're not seeing that if they became a place that courts small creators (while still supporting their bigger creators) they'd have a major advantage. Youtube is all about big creators and celebrities nowadays. Vidme has a chance to become big by being the polar opposite. LOVE your videos. Please keep creating and don't stop preaching when preaching is due!
        • PoeticOldSoul parent reply TRUTH HERE, TRUTH *SNAP*! LOL Vidme better not fuck this up, I swear! But thank yooooooou & honey, "can't stop, won't stop" hahaha, been creating for along time, I got this! :-D
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Oh I feel a lot of this as a small creator and I'm gonna be expressing it real soon >:-) but I agree with tons of what you said. I feel the Creators vs Site/Vidme creators vs YouTubers has been going on for awhile and there's been strides to fix the issue, but nothing totally solved yet... and it's just getting more difficult for unverified/smaller creators. At this point, I'm not letting any that stunt any creative growth and I'm just out to make the best kind of video I want to make, and thankfully that's never changed. This was nice to hear knowing I'm not the only one who's thinking about stuff like this, Poetic.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply I knew you would feel what I'm saying on all levels & honey, I'm always that one to speak what people are thinking, but won't say it out loud...yet lol! But yeah, I had to come back & say SOMETHING, and again, this is just going to be a hobbie, a creative outlet for me to be me...I just tend to see details in shit that just doesn't seem right...but there's always some sort of solution - We got to keep doing what we do, show each other love & support, shout each other out, something! LOL Always good hearing from you sweetheart! :-D
      • [ – ] USUandS parent reply Mhm, very true. What's been going on is kind of what I expected to happen at some point, but still I feel the support between someone stopping by or talking to a creator or just simply being around and it's something I really do appreciate. Of course! Love come to by and talk as always.
  • [ – ] YannickTaylor reply You Know I loves myself some you GIrl!!!! Keep up the great work
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Baby, I'm doing my best *high five*...now, if only this vid would get tipped LMAO, I mean...I spoke some truth, some TEA that no one else is speaking on darling & even if shade was thrown, but...whatever, I'm tired of the small Vidme users getting thrown in the back of the bus like we were treated on YouTube , c'mon now, I see shit, I notice shit & I'm not feelin' it, PERIOD lol! But thank you Yannick, love you always *MUAH*! <3
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Welcome to poeticoldsoul it's good to have you on board as part of the vidme community.
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply I'm not sure how to feel as a small content creator. Some days it feels like I should just give up like a woss or just yolo it
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Don't give up! I'm proof that you can just put your content out there & just go for it, and like I was saying to @Atherz097 (see reply), share your stuff on ALL platforms, but don't give up...shit, I nearly gave up, but I feel like I have a purpose on here, and I think I found it :) I've always been that one to show love for us content creators, and even if I'm verified, I'm still an underdog *BIG HUGZ*, you'll be fine honey, keep creating! <3
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Hey girl!! I see you exceeded 100 followers!! Whoo!!! Thanks for encouraging positivity here on @VidMe. This is a great community and we all need to work together to make this a community-first platform. You're so genuine and sassy! I think we're cut from similar cloth! Great video!
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Hey honey, I KNOW RIGHT hahaha and thank yoooooou *BIG HUGZ*!! Yeah Calibri, I'm doing my best to be the realest of the real baby...and genuine...and sassy *SNAP* LOL, thank you so much! <3
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply Dope channel....Poetry etc,so many talents.Keep up the awesome work!
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply Great message @PoeticOldSoul. I'm hopeful for Vide.me. I came over from YT when I saw a video of a creator talking about Vide.me & how it was doing something different. A place where creators create, share, interact w/ each other & the viewers. I immediately came over & created an account. I wish I would have come over earlier but my little brother and I are here now & we're working hard to create something good. Now, changing subjects because I've got to say, those Prince records tho! Myself & Prince's music goes back like velcro shoes and playgrounds. #allgoodthings
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Thank you @MUMS-Universe! I'm trying to stay optimistic as far as with Vidme, but I'm not giving up on them nor the awesome supports that has shown some love to my channel (as well as those upvotes on my comments, yess! LOL)...but that word-of-mouth via the YT can do it tho'! ;) Ahhhhhh, my record collection...and PRINCE LOL, ahhhh, I love that man, God Rest His Soul *sigh*, that Prince lineup I got, that's been frozen in time since his death, and I usually change up the record set up every few months, but *looking over at Prince*, not right now *sigh*...and I take it you're a 1970's/1980's baby too, huh...with the velcro shoes hahahaa, YESS *high five*! #BornIn1979 ;)
      • MUMS-Universe parent reply Oh yeah, almost forgot. I was born in the 70s, child of the 80s, wilding out 90s/early 00s, & been simi-pro adulting every since. ヅ
      • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply Prince was the man! Funny how even when you didn't really know if he was into women, men or both he still could pull the baddest of the bad women. & his music... I don't think that most people who didn't grow up with him & MJ when they were in their prime can't really grasp how big those 2 were. Prince always did his own thing and when people tried to mimic him & his entertainment style, they never could. Some could dance like MJ, some could sing like MJ, but no one could pull off Prince style & sound. Heck Prince had a whole decade of straight men dressing up in blouses and wearing eyeliner. Lol
        • MUMS-Universe parent reply I think Vid.me will be ok for the simple fact it has a hard-core base of passionate content creators on it. We're all hungry and are not afraid to work together to make something better. That's the majority, not the minority here on Vid.me. As long as Vid.me backs us and works with us (even if they can be slow in doing so with some of its creators) it'll be cool. For those of us who have other social media accounts, if we all spread the word to our viewers about Vid.me we can get viewership up. I think that's Vid.me's biggest challenge. With YT being tied into Google, it's easy for people to just click on their YT app & watch and comment away. Vid.me should tie itself into Yahoo, Hotmail & iCloud email. All of these would love to compete better w/ Gmail & this can assist them in doing that. Reddit would be a great tie into as well. Reddit users already have accounts, are extremely active in interacting with content they like, and they are already use to watching video content on t...moreheir site. Vide.me does these things and it becomes an instant challenger to YT.
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Finally getting around to watching the whole of your video, now that I am not shooting a video and simply smiling at your beautifully amusing opener. Love how powerful and funny you are, and that you speak your mind. Good for you, someone needed to call out the horrifyingly racist and sexist crap on some people's channels. Blowing a kiss and sending a hug!
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Ohhhhhhh shucks LOL, it's a trip how this very vid was trending yesterday, and yours is trending today, but we both have a passionate feeling about wanting to help out the small vidme users, so we're defintely on the same page, but damnit, I'm proud of you for trending gurl *BIG HUGZ*, yesssss, your vid is going to help a lot of small users, I swear! But thank you so much honey, got a sistah blushing & stuff lol :-P ...and do not get me started on the racist, sexist, you name it crap that startled me, I can't (fuckers!) *smh* lol!
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