Stardew Valley S1E5 Yearly Finale (Docu-Let's Play)

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  • [ – ] DunsparceDiglet reply Announcement: The Stardew Valley project is to going on a break. This Docu-Let's Play is to make room for the next Project. Unless the audience demands more or until (season 1 of) the next series concludes, I will not be uploading any more Stardew Valley content. This next series is to be uploaded around April 10th. Maybe sooner if I can't get the scheduled upload thing to work again. In the meantime I might get some "One off Videos" out. Those shouldn't affect the release of my Docu-Let's Play.
    • DunsparceDiglet parent reply The Announcement's probably irrelevant to the lot of you but hey to those of you who are affected and to those of you who want to take a look at the past.
  • DunsparceDiglet reply Eh this was supposed to be a Friday release. But I got tired of maintenance already.
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