What Is Galactic Evolution?

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  • [ – ] Austendo reply Your videos are amazing quality. I am glad I found a channel on vidme I actively check for new videos. If I could help out in any way with your channel please let me know!
    • Astronomic parent reply It's up to you how you support the channel, you can simply 'follow' the channel, or you can help out financially, by subscribing or tipping on Vidme, or supporting the channel on Patreon! I don't really mind what you do, I'm just grateful for the support. Thanks! 😊👍🏻
  • [ – ] wearegods reply Exceptionally well done explanation. Inb4 a creationist starts talking about "See, dis here be evolution, ahyuk" biological evolution and galactic evolution are not the same thing. :p
    • [ – ] Astronomic parent reply Ah yes. Never thought of it like, that they're being different types of evolution in the universe. 🤔👍🏻
      • wearegods parent reply Just had to point it out, I've seen Ken Ham and Kent Hovind try to make it out that Cosmic Evolution and Biological Evolution are the same thing.
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