Manstreaming Episode 10 YouTube Is Over Party

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  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply i hope they crash and burn extremely hard...
  • [ – ] ikki6567 reply Looking forward to all your content moving to Vidme.
  • ikki6567 reply The pyramids ( Khufu's great pyramid, etc ) were built nearly 1000 years before the period the Hebrews were ( apparently ) there ( c. 1400-1200 BC ).
  • [ – ] SirRidealot reply Which video did they remove? I'd like to see it here on Which one is it?
    • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment parent reply Hey thanks so much for the tip! Here is the video YouTube removed regarding the #ProudToBe campaign:
      • [ – ] SirRidealot parent reply Thanks! So in that video you are lightly ridiculing a group of people that are taking themselves too seriously. I do not see anything evil that video at all. You are not calling to kill anyone you are not slandering anyone. I don't get it. Where the hell is that "pluralism of opinions" that we were told by the west we must have in the east? Do like I say and not like I do? YouTube is turning into a thought policing propaganda machine. I left it by the way. The account is still there, but I am 100% now. Styx say stand and fight. I say let YouTube die off. I am in to alternative sites now: • YouTube - • Twitter - • Gmail - • Facebook - Kind of takes you back in to the golden age of small exclusive communities. Like a village vs large city thing.
        • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment parent reply ...Or maybe something reminiscent of "Who is John Galt?" Yeah, I wasn't frothing at the mouth or anything... the comment section was pretty "spicy" but on par with what you'd expect on something like that video. I'll just have to remember you're only on vidme now! I wonder how many others are completely leaving YouTube?
          • SirRidealot parent reply The next few month will tell. I expect exodus. Simply because NGOs are involved and the latest thing with the Google diversity memo thing clearly shows the SJW culture in the company. Removing "shocking" content is a bad idea. Even ISIS videos. People need to see and know what evil it is. Else it is easier to sell "Peaceful Islam" idea to sheeple. I hazard a guess: People with huge following 10,000+ will stay there until they are forced off the platform. For the microscopic guys like me, it does not matter. Those who follow me did migrate here. Others are dormant accounts they do not visit me on YouTube anyway, so I don't care. As for it is up to us to support the community and platform with content and donations. And it is up to to support the creators by taking the hands off approach with minimum policing. Like a small government vs big government thing.
  • [ – ] ikki6567 reply Coffee; try using CLIPGRAB for downloading YT videos. It's free ( optional to donate ). Works perfectly for me.
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