YouTube's Trying To Make You Think One Way

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  • [ – ] whitevanman reply Mmmm remember myspace.... YouTube will follow that platform soon... Youtoilet
    • whitevanman parent reply Who are eaglesnest where is it from .... what a great piece of work, your right white is beautiful.....xx
  • [ – ] TerloriaKP reply We are their fuel without us they have no rule
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply @SeaTactics Your video is the only one it happens to. and it is consistent. I'm sure it is very popular though. Maybe that has something to do with it.
    • SeaTactics parent reply It could be that I rendered it at 1fps, who knows, but I'm sorry you're unable to watch the video.
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply This video keeps stopping for no reason while I'm watching it. My internet service is fine.
    • SeaTactics parent reply Hey, what's up Spookyboo, try checking out the computer you're watching it on. Mine's pretty crappy and doesn't have too many problems. Also try watching it at it's lowest quality and tinkering around with it. This exact same thing happens to me on this site all the time because it's not 100% optimized as of yet. If you can't watch thee video on Desktop, try mobile as well. Also report this bug to the developers, as they'll pass it along to the people who need to see it. Sorry the video won't play for you, Spookyboo. :(
  • Lone_Summit reply buffering keeps skipping the video to later parts in video, with the content that's being presented to me I feel paranoid lol
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply I am no longer having problems loading the video :) I don't know why it was just this one, but it is fine now.
  • spookyboo reply Are these the same videos that are marked as monetized in the not monetized section? I have 3 of those. I cannot appeal them because they are marked as monetized but their views, rank, and $$ dropped starting in I think June. They are no longer recommended videos either.
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