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  • SuperD reply Why does the screen go black every time I's going to go black right when I hit 'send'...okay here we go....
  • ZombieMomma reply Peer pressure can be bad, and it can be beneficial. How about your friend pushing you to ask out the person you like but dont have the nerve to talk to? You finally ask them to shut your friend up and get them off your case only to find out that the other person had been waiting for you to ask them out. If not for your friends peer pressure this would have never happened. There are plenty of cases where peer pressuring someone is good for them. Not all peer pressure is a DB move, but yes some can be. Also you have direct control over who you spend your time with, if your friends are really that pushy with you then you dont have to hang out with them You can make new friends who accept you and never make you challenge anything about yourself, ever.
  • SurfersSelfies reply but honestly if someone does get mad at u not doing what they say they're just assholes and stay away from them. trust me its the best thing to do
  • SurfersSelfies reply i totally agree mate but is someone loses at beer pong they gotta drink that shot :P
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Great job , brilliant message delivered in a humorous manner Love it !
  • Platypus67 reply I'm viewer no. 666 - matches with your horns! "Don't be rude dude - I'm goode!"
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Pretty funny. Lol. 😂
  • jeff4justice reply Drugs and drink are glorified by mainstream media. I hear it more and more in mainstream music. I am sober and drug free. Always have been, always will be. Now then, why does your character have horns?
  • funnybullray reply your animation skills are awesome
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