The Naked Truth Behind Star Wars

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  • Rawman reply WELL DONE ON 50 EPISODES!!!! Love this show! I need to get this on my TV!!!! i use amazon fire tv and i dont think vid me android would work on it, i already sideloaded barely working YT and Twtich lol... but for real, that dude in the video whos getting excited playing that star wars game would be the best let's player of all time!!! I would watch all his videos. see him playing no mans sky like, THIS GAME HAS EVERYTHING!!! YOU CAN JOIN FACTIONS AND GO TO BEAUTIFUL PLANETS!!! (sorry for caps lol). such an informative series, you dont think about how much effort actually goes into make a movie. holding your breath for 5 mins is no joke!!!
  • ThatOneFilmGuy reply @Lemonz Thanks for your support. Great channel as well!
  • Lemonz reply Hey awesome channel dude! You have potential! Check out my channel and upvote my newest video for a chance to win a macbook..Just thought I'd let you know! :)
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