[KITATUS Talks...] Steam, GOG and the Apocalypse

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  • [ – ] RottenEgg reply Can't help but admit you're right. It's a looming dark thought in the back of my mind brought to the front, I mean what happens when steam shuts down. You did man, I don't care about saving a few dollars if I can get it from GOG at least when they die I can still get torrents and cracks etc. Course I could with steam, but no way in hell I would remember my whole library.
    • KITATUS parent reply Without sounding like I'm being paid by GOG - As they give you DRM free games, you wouldn't need torrents / cracks. You can download your whole library at any time and store them locally if you wanted to. It's just a better deal all in all. (Psst GOG if you're reading this, feel free to send my advert money ;P)
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