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  • rly-rad-val reply yt is getting really boring, and at the same time i feel like making the 'nerd is cool' thing, well, it all went downhill. i mean imo i feel like the internet, vlogs and forums were for, lets say it, ''nerds' thats what we are, we like video games, anime, weird music, but thats a normal thing now and even the popular kid watches pewdiepie. idk man, everything is changing, and we are growing, when i was 15 everything seemed so much interesting, but now i can now how a video will be based on its title and image. anyway good content dude
  • Wilba reply Another good video man! Like I said before, keep it up and you'll grow!
  • Lummo reply @ATZAR I know.. this is why i made a channel here as well and see what happens. .and Thank you for taking the time to be here :)
  • Lummo reply QUALITY CONTENT will always be different depending on the person. What i find good, could be trash to someone else. However, money has become a huge factor in whether a video is good or just more frequent. What do you think guys? has CONTENT turned to shit on YouTube?
  • ChinoMac reply real content = reaction videos
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