Let's Try: The Froot Loops Shake

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  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply I wish I could try it Dusk225 but for now I gotta watch my calories.
    • [ – ] Dusk225 parent reply Honestly, I shouldn't have had it myself, haha. But I figured I'd try it now so that I don't get tempted later.
      • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply I am a sucker for when there's a new thing on a menu or at the store. But these days I am losing weight so I have to be careful. I still eat anything I want, I just limit the calories to 2k per day in addition to long walks. That shake has 720 - nearly half a day's worth. But it looks yummy 😋 If I was with a friend who bought one, I'd ask for a little sample.
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