Touching on crisis actors - common theme

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  • Government_isout_of_control reply The police, fire and ambulance services across the the UK, most have got YouTube channels, we need to comment on the channels and try make some feel some guilt. There has to be some of these who have had enough of this. GMP fire brigade have a channel, I've commented asking whether it's normal procedure to be told to stand down etc.
  • NUMBERS2017 reply In researching multiple cases over the past 20 years, even going back to the 16th century, I noticed something. The information released into the public domain contained gaps. It seemed as though these gaps allowed for multiple theories to be formed in order researchers (the awakened public) remain occupied and diverted from the actual case. One has to be very open minded to realize, and understand, how these cases are manipulated in regards to released information. Separate the mass from the individuals in the public domain videos. Check for editing, because it's easy to edit an individual into a mass scene and vice versa. All released information is screened prior entering the public domain.
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