Facts to make you question EVERYTHING

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  • theoldsparrow reply Particle physics is pretty weird. All the stuff that happens according to general physics just doesn't work in the smallest elements of the universe. I am waiting on quantum computers to come out and some teasers in the news suggests that IBM and the Alphabet company which owns google are predicting a breakthrough soon out of each of their labs. Really getting off topic but if quantum computers are as powerful as we think they'll be then the chances of the singularity happening comes much sooner. Get ready for either science utopia or the terminators coming.
  • [ – ] phantom_films reply this video is a response to @danielamann so check him out
    • danielamann parent reply Is this indeed facts, or is it actually the fact that we have a lack of facts that make us question everything? There's some brain food for us ;D
  • DoobelS reply Ah, thoughts about the universe, how it expands, how big it is, how old it is and what was there before the Big Bang just makes my brain hurt :P
  • KayToons reply did all of this come from the skype call between you, Daniel and I?
  • BrianAiya reply Whaaaaaaattt? Lool this is the first time hearing some of these theories like why is space is dark xD i can never get enough of weird theories.
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