Crash Bandicoot n sane trilogy (PS4) Impressions

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  • TheSolidMoose reply Im new to the site! Its nice to be here! Thank you to everyone who decides to subscribe/follow I dunno what its called here XD Hope you enjoy our future videos! Welcome to the Herd! #HERDHYPE
  • dalestark05 reply I am so getting that game
  • usagi704 reply I'm definitely looking forward to the three PSone CB games being remade. It does look great! I'm one who doesn't mind remasters provided they're done well. Bluepoint Games are the best at remasters. They did God of War Collection (PS3), ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3), Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4) to name a few. Way of the Warrior on 3DO was one of Naughty Dog's early games, in fact the one right before the first Crash Bandicoot. It was pretty bad.
  • stephanieloguidice reply I am SOOOOOO hYPE for this game! :D
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