Blackwood Crossing Review

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  • [ – ] InteractiveSystem reply It is a walking simulator, right?
    • [ – ] Azralynn parent reply It's more adventure style than just pure walking sim since there's more interaction, but yea, you could sort of toss it into the walking sim category I suppose.
      • [ – ] InteractiveSystem parent reply Why do all videogames who try being different commit this mistake? Game developers have no understanding of the media they are working with. Why spending so much time in graphics and music instead of paying attention to the game?
        • [ – ] Azralynn parent reply I think it's because at first glance the graphics is what will draw people in. You can't tell by looking at screen shots how good the story is, or how well the game actually plays.
          • InteractiveSystem parent reply That is definitely part of the reason. I think It's important to talk about this types of video games so new developers don't make the same mistakes.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply It does seem quite interesting. The scenery looks beautiful.
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