Hollywood's Last Gasp...They May NOT "Survive" THIS One!

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  • [ – ] see-it-as-is reply STOP WATCHING TV.... IT ALL CRAPES ... NOT JUST THE MEDIA BUT THE WHOLE MOVIE INDUSTRY...ALL TO CONTROL YOUR MIND... I HAVE NO MORE CABLE FOR OVER TWO YEARS,, AND I FEEL FREE.... I RECEIVED THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH.... IT FREE... http://www.simplicityinthegospel.com/2016/04/the-love-of-truth.html
  • [ – ] TheGreyHam reply Hillary is the epitome of EVIL.
  • hank01111 reply When the world falls by financial ruin...Hollywood will be the first ripe fruit for the picking...lots of money there.
  • [ – ] taminoling reply Another great one, Brian! I shared the YouTube one on my FB page. Keep up the great work & thanks for helping wake up the sheeple while we take back our America! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  • [ – ] Ernst reply Remember this is the WWF you are watching. It is a game, it is not real, we are being prepped for the big game and possibly distracted from other stuff. Eyes open, full alert, the big one is near....
  • DieNetaDie reply because the world needs proof of how useless these stupid people are
  • [ – ] nellis reply 30449 down to 6884 up, today. Keep it up people
  • DanielCedrick reply Hollywood is so tone-deaf! ... And they can't sing, either. ;)
  • [ – ] DanielCedrick reply I just checked, and the dislikes on that video are over 28,000!
  • MightyMediocreMan reply I can't take it, my face hurts, I'm only capable of handling x amount of atomic face-palms per day. I need a face shield.
  • FaBon reply I don't buy their music, watch their movies or their TV "programs", or listen to their "comedy". They do not amuse me nor entertain me. I have not owned a TV since my first year in college and I am now 62 yrs old. These entertainers are satan's little helpers and they have one job; to destroy the last vestige of morality and decency in America and around the world. (That was not a religious statement just a factual one). Now that they are committing career suicide by revealing who and what they really are I am happy to see more people entertained by that then by them! They will come back begging for us to put them up on silly pedestals, but Americans, when awakened, do not forget those who tried to wreck their dreams. Good riddance to satan's rubbish!
  • MightyMediocreMan reply NOOOOO! Keep Rosie O'Donnel OUT of Canada! We already have Justin Trudeau! Ahhh!,..We can't take any moo-re Captain! She's dishin' out all she's got!
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