Mainstream Media Caught Lying to You...AGAIN!! Child Exploitation!

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  • Kerez513 reply Weaponized propaganda is all the Libtards know. I know you coined the word Brian, but it's just to good not to steal it. So I did. Watching your work on YouStug I have learned to start questioning everything. I'm still stuck on 9/11, but by watching your other videos that are logical and truthful I have learned a lot about me, my country, and MSM. Question everything!! Thanks for your work Brian. I might even be able to give up the ghost on 9/11.
  • freerangehobo reply Journalism is dead at MSM. Regardless of who what or why, fact checking these stories before they jump on it, is the responsible thing to do, and to release these heart wrenching propaganda videos into the public without disclosing the known facts, is manipulative, agenda driven weaponry.
  • [ – ] DieNetaDie reply sad to think of so many good people who are mislead by these parasites
  • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply 'Mislead' is not the correct word. Narrative 'manipulated' is more accurate. It's the job of the plutocrat-owned 3 letter networks to present and preserve 'context-establishing' narrative projections, NOT to provide actual news.
  • fancyfig reply it doesn't seem like they were lying as much as working with limited information. we don't know who to trust in syria, every story from one side is contradicted by the other side, that tells me they're all lying to some extent at least half the time. this interview with the family was done by an assad friendly news network while the military is roaming the streets looking for any reason to arrest people. trying to prove fake news with state propaganda seems dubious.
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