Ajazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Keyboard First Impressions And Overview

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  • [ – ] ROPname reply cool overview man, this is quite the little and impressive keyboard Keep it up!
  • [ – ] Mrtez300 reply wow this is a really small keyboard, it reminds me of the mac book wireless keyboard bu with higher raised keys tho. great unboxing
  • [ – ] DeadlyRaver reply I like it!!! The detachable USB is what sold me though. I for one am tired of killing an entire keyboard over one cord. Thanks for the vid man!!
    • LegendGary323 parent reply Yeah for being a budget keyboard the detachable USB goes a long way. It makes things so much more convenient. No problem and thank you for watching.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Wow! The quality and presentation in this video is off the charts! Well done on the timestamps that really helped with seeing what i was going to get in the video or if anyone wanted to skip to specific points. Well done on taking pride in your content even small details. That keyboard looks amazing I got my self a keyboard that lights up. Not quite that fancy but i paid like £20 for a good (enough) mouse and keyboard. You really know your stuff haha breaking down the keys and stuff haha! Love it! Oiii!!! The sound test was lovely!!! Very satisfying but it took me back to resident evil 1 save screens haha. Great video and breakdown. well made.
    • [ – ] LegendGary323 parent reply Thank you for the kind words! Yeah I was curious if a budget mechanical keyboard is worth it compared to expensive ones. That's what made me purchase this lol. Haha yas the type writer sound! Thanks for watching my good sir!
      • Rawman parent reply any time man your video is always so chill and so professional even though i dont need a keyboard this is always great content you bring to the table and you got my attention all the time.
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