Remembering My Father with Gratitude. Dedicated to those with grieving hearts

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  • [ – ] MajorSvenGaming reply Thank you for sharing this... My sister died on the 14/12/2012 she was 26 at the time and I have never been even close to the same.. this video made me cry a lot, but it was a good cry.. I have changed because of it, not in a terrible way but in a fundamental way, i'm not the same and that's ok, I see life differently now.. Your tweets were wonderful and I hope they helped, people we love will always be missed but that pain tells us how important they were to us, without it they wouldn't have loomed so large in our lives..
    • rosangelperez parent reply hello brother... how are you feeling? thank you so much for taking a moment to watch my video and for your response. Losing someone you love is not an easy journey... but one that we all must face and experience at some point. Grief is a roller coaster ride of emotions... and that void never really goes away. Its a day by day kind of thing. but things like taking a moment to appreciate your blessings... wow... that shifted my whole world view. I pray you are feeling better. Many blessings to you. ra
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