Michael Flynn Seeks Immunity for FBI Testimony, Legacy Media Immediately Assumes Trump Culpability

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  • HammerOfDoom reply Libs are so stupid. They cannot distinguish reality from fantasy, so of course they make such logical leaps as this.
  • cafeinus reply i really enjoy this "russia" paranoia like the USSR is at the gates of the white house they send tanks and shit and Saline is resurected can the press talk about other "influencers" like china, saudi arabia etc..nope nothing to see here everything is top notch perfect
  • ubiquitous_reverser reply Appreciate your perspective man. I'm still working on collecting more data for my video on all of this, but you should read Flynn's actual letter. He isn't asking for immunity specifically, but MSM called it that. He actually state's with regard to calling this investigation a witch hunt that it is foolish not to require the promise that he will not himself be prosecuted for getting involved in giving a testimony. Basically anyone who would make a testimony in this case to defend Trump would require that they be free from any prosecution. Here is a link to Micheal Flynn's actual statement. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/03/general-flynns-lawyer-releases-statement-highly-politicized-witch-hunt/ The politicians and MSM involved in this BS investigation are just flowing the old Hitlitarian adage, "If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it." If you look into it CNN and other MSM news have said so many double talk statements from saying they never had articles about Trum...morep being tapped, when they did, to lying about many other subjects and being caught numerous times using actors, just watch the video of the "father of a sandyhook victim, psyching himself up and laughing just a few moments before starting his interview." Also, Hitlary and John McCain are trying with the globalist agenda to make war with Russia. I hope they all get hung by they're own rope of lies! And Trump better not give ISP's the ability to sell all of our browsing history. That would be very bad.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Does the word exist millennialTard or cucktard and do they mean the same thing. I heard millennials are very liberal.
  • StolenMoment reply If you act like its watergate, it will become watergate. Silly bastards.....
  • MidrangeKEK reply The Podesta group took money from Sberbank 3 times during the Clinton campaign.
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