Halloween, Why It's A Dangerous, Satanic Holiday

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  • freerangehobo reply There are some things I cannot fathom; the depth of the Universe, time in infinity, eternal God, and the mind boggling expansion of child sex tragedies world wide. It overwhelms me when I realize that this alternate realm of insanity has existed side by side with normal society from the beginnings to now. Now its clear that children need to be afraid of what may be lurking under their beds or in their closets. Sad! Very very sad!
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Please Don't worry these things are pushed to the surface that we might wipe them out in the power of God's eternal Salvation through the power our Lord and Savior gave us from God after he forgives our sins. The power of the Holy Spirit. Men are corrected based on the laws of God empowered by the Holy Spirit! Like Blackstone said who wrote the book of Common Law: There are no laws above The laws of God! George Washington said it is the duty of all nation to acknowledge God's laws as sovereign!
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