Slow Motion Pell Training (strong)

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  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply Some of those were real monster strikes! Nice power! I should really build myself a heavy pell, the one I've used at the club is way too weak for almost any contact so it's used only for training footwork, distance, etc...
    • bekoli parent reply Amazing, isn't it. And it's totally just in the sword. I stood to close to extend my arms due to the camera (as described). And I'm mayhap a third of you and JimGiant :D
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply That is really cool!
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Really tempted to build my own now. I'll soon have access to some land where I can use it.
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply I'm surprised your swords lasted 8 years with abusive tests like this.
    • [ – ] bekoli parent reply Yeah, me too. As mentioned in the other video though: Do _NOT_ do this with _SHARPs_. That WILL ruin the blade in no time. And this is basically why you should not do full contact sparring with a blunt. My left leg can tell. It's still one huge bruise from last monday when I couldn't resist to headlock my opponent over the grip of my sword to reach for my dagger. He reacted and we both went down with interlocked swords. To bad I wasn't wearing leg protection since I was the one below but it was totally worth it =)
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply I don't think I've had a day without bruising for about 2 years lol. I always wear knee pads now though after one strike made me drop like a stone.
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