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  • Dragoku reply Did anyone notice who spoke wisely and the last? The guy at the bottom of the problem - he's going to fix everything so that everyone could get back to normalcy!
  • [ – ] A4EProject reply This video would make for a great drinking game. A shot per "shit" :-)
    • [ – ] TvenningMedia parent reply Say one unit is 2 cl 37,5% vodka, that'd be 2 cl * 69 = 138 cl, or nearly 1,4 litres. I'm a big dude and gets pretty wasted on "just" half a liter 37,5% vodka.
  • SalBerry reply Accurate representation of bad boss XD
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Hilarious!!!
  • [ – ] sarah reply someone do a how many times they've said "shit" count
    • [ – ] TvenningMedia parent reply I wonder if it's intentional or not, but I counted 69 times. I anticipated a 100, since the first 50 shits were taken in the first half of the movie. Please sub to me, I just wanna get verified.
      • sarah parent reply hahaha amazing! i will take your word for it. you've got a follow from me just for completing this task
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