Arkema Chemical Plant fire of September 1, 2017 set on purpose to hold Harvey TV interest

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  • Barni_Yamum reply god=17 /26 /55 satan=55 say10=55 Gott=17 /62 /123 /206 /88 (god in german) Elohim=62 /55... the tetragrammaton 1+2+3+4=10 (55 10th fibonacci , 10th triangular...) when u translate gott to hebrew u get Gott=אֱלֹקִים אֱלֹקִים=10 /55 /181 /741 and when u translate from english god to hebrew u get god=אלוהים אלוהים=20 /47 /92 /652 and the YHWH and the german JHWH YHWH=יהוה JHWH=הויה some strange stuff i noticed...and i didnt had the time yet to check many words.... but it seems it makes a difference from which language u translate to hebrew.... ;) i have to say that the german Gott translation...looks better in these 4 hebrew ciphers ;) greetings
  • Barni_Yamum reply falsch=113 german for wrong/false
  • Barni_Yamum reply System=311
  • cassious reply Thanks Zachary.
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