Will you pay to upload to Vidme? 1.72mb $

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  • MutantPixel reply Yeah, this would once again kill the community. For the vast majority of people on here it's a hobby not a job, and for those that it's a job that aren't super successful it's even worse. YouTube is doing this too and it's killing it. If what Boobe2007 is saying here and I understand it takes money to run a company, but having people pay upwards of 600$ potentially a year to upload videos? Are you NUTS? And that limit? I'm willing to bet the most people on here are Let's Players and a SINGLE video can be more than that. It just seems like a cheap way to squeeze money out of us. If you want to have a paid system for people who want subscribers or something I could see that working, but for the love of God do not do this. You will certainly lose me. And I'm willing to bet a large chunk of your content creators. Remember: By the creators, For the creators. This would only be for Vidme, not us.
  • KinTailFox reply It would be a huge disaster but let's see what happens to the site first, for now, we have to keep or trust in the staff.
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply Nothing in this world is free. It cost money to run the servers. Let's also not forget about the Vidme staff who deserve to get paid for their work. I'm not saying charging people to upload more content is the right way to do things. However, if it were up to me I would say Vidme should take a larger chunk of our tips and subscription fees to make ends meet.
    • [ – ] Boobe2007 parent reply @November_Fox how do you feel about ads before the unsubscribed videos/how much space have you used?
      • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply I don't think putting ads before videos works. That's why I left YouTube. I think giving viewers the options to pay their favorite creators as they please is a much better idea. I honestly don't use that much space with my videos, because my style of content creating consists of shorter videos. I think I average about 700 megabytes of space used each week. However, I can understand how this can be frustrating for content creators that want to upload larger videos. Such as let's players.
  • [ – ] Kizzume reply Look at: https://www.reddit.com/r/vidme/comments/6a7r1w/lets_talk_about_the_changes_to_vidmes/ That is for UNverified channels. For verified channels, you have this: https://vid.me/verified To my knowledge, you can't get tips or have "subscribers" (but of course followers) unless you're verified.
    • [ – ] Boobe2007 parent reply Read the comments to that Reddit post in there Duffy a vidme employee said "Hey Aiya! We're still in the midst this figuring it out, tbh. There's a chance we may eventually enforce a data limit for verified channels, but we haven't established how that might work, if indeed it does happen. No matter what, we look to you guys for your input, which is what this thread is for." In response to aiya asking does this apply to verify accounts.
      • [ – ] Kizzume parent reply I just left my input there. Yeah, that's weird. I hope that if they *do* charge, it gives a lot of bang for the buck.
        • Boobe2007 parent reply thanks my dude, i hope the @Vidme staff get it & don't become the next Zippcast, Revver, Yahoo video, Google video, Stickam, Mobli, Ogrish, Stage6, Megavideo, or Guba
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply This video was 1.7mb I hope it's not too much of a strain on the servers
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