A Woman's work was never done more so back in the day.

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  • [ – ] Paul_W reply I totally agree. The people back then were a hearty lot. It really is amazing that humans have come so far. I enjoy your vids!
    • [ – ] frugalfarmer parent reply It is amazing. I always admired those folks.
      • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply Its funny I have some kin in NC. They built their "new" house in the 1920's on the same property that the old house still sets on. Nothing gets thrown out when it gets old, it just gets moved to the old house! When Harry passes, I would like to go through that old house and see what "treasures" there are in it.
        • [ – ] frugalfarmer parent reply Wow! What area in NC ?
          • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply Along the French Broad River called Marshall. It isn't too big best I remember lol.
            • [ – ] frugalfarmer parent reply I'm not familiar with it. Of course where I'm from we just now have 2 stop lights.
              • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply Well they do those rafting rides down that river. Its an old tobacco farm. He raised tobacco till they government bought out the allotments and he got too old. Marshall is north of Ashville. I'm in Michigan and haven't been down there for a while.
                • frugalfarmer parent reply Ok, I'm vaguely familiar with that area. It is beautiful and I've done picking around Asheville (looking for old stuff).
  • -JackHand- reply "a waman's' work is never done" ...filed under "why women get paid less" ...Lululululululululz
  • MUMS-Universe reply Many people don't know how lucky we are to be living in this age. There may be a lot of issues here in the US but we have it so much better than those that came before us in so many ways. Now with that being said, it's amazing how inventive mankind has been through our existence. Super neat so see that iron. That's for sharing!
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