TV Shows That Canceled Too Early or Continued Too Long

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply In regards to TV shows that lasted longer than necessary; maybe Michael Eisner was on to something when he imposed a 65 episode limit on Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, etc. Personally, I think a show should end on a nice, round number. What lasted too long (Aside from The Simpsons): South Park (Started out good, but stopped being funny around 2001-2002 and got boring, annoying, and dumb around 2004-2006), Mad TV (lost it around 2003), Saturday Night Live (Despite now having Kenan Thompson from Nickelodeon, it's past its prime), Original Ducktales (Seasonal rot), Original Powerpuff Girls (Ditto), Detective Conan/Case Closed (Just conclude it already), Original Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Hoshi no Kirby/Kirby Right Back at Ya (the last five episodes/Fright to the Finish is one of the most unsatisfying series finales I have seen.), and Teen Titans Go. What was canceled before a proper conclusion: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Spawn: The Animated Series, Ren & Stimpy Adu...morelt Party Cartoon (Yes, I find that to be hilarious), Korgoth of Barbaria, Original Celebrity Deathmatch, Original Transformers, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (this should have been a Prime time cartoon), and Morgus Presents.
  • [ – ] ReallyRandomReviews reply Ideal amount of seasons is 7 max. Supernatural is taking the mick with 13+ when it hasn't been good for half a decade!
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