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  • [ – ] WORKBIRDY reply I love watching your vlogs i get so many ideas from you. I just started vloging full time and i play golf too
    • [ – ] WORKBIRDY parent reply I'm been playing for 2yr now i use to play professional football and i needed to keep my mind off of football so i started golfing. I like to just walk the course it's therapeutic for me
    • danielamann parent reply Wow that is such a compliment!!!! Seriously wow! Thanks so much =D Golf is so much fun. How into golf are you?
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply I've never tried golfing before but it's definitely something I'd like to try. It's great to see that you've found something that you enjoy.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Daniel, you finally brought your passion to us. Good job! What changed?
    • danielamann parent reply I just had the time to take a camera out. Pace of play is usually such a big concern that I leave the camera behind, but we had the course to ourselves thanks to the bad weather that had been around all day so it wasn't so much an issue
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Golf with friends? Does that count? It's truly wonderful that you have a sport which you love so much. When it doesn't feel like a chore, you know it's a sport to stick with it. Another great vlog!
    • danielamann parent reply All golf is good golf ;) I have always liked the hard work and dedication that goes into sports! Thanks for the kind words =D
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