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  • tynuptw12 reply Yo Mr.M man I sent e mail to you but not..... wrote for you and your channel, just sent someone else! Oh Snap!I must Be special or just lucky like that. Now my head hurt in. Brake time
  • [ – ] tynuptw12 reply I tell you what....IP Man would be tripping on that intro! You da man
    • tynuptw12 parent reply No nonono no no..... thank you! Maybe easy for you.....some of us takes most of the day to do one thing on here. ....thank you mistro T money Da Man
  • [ – ] tynuptw12 reply Hey what up mistro? Thank you for that video.... wow! Karen is hotter than two dollar pistol playa! Thanks again.... I'll get up with ya! K keep it up homie!
  • tynuptw12 reply Hey thanks again for all your schooling , my apologies for not getting back with ya till now. Thanks again you da main man
  • tynuptw12 reply Creepy.... but oooowww dat girl!
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