Google’s Memory Hole: Gab Dropped From The Play Store

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  • [ – ] ComputingForever reply Apologies I have to make a correction. Utsav is Indian and Hindu. It's another gentlemen at Gab called Ekrem who is Muslim. My mistake. But the point about destroying the white supremacist narrative remains.
    • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer parent reply Yet they either don't know they ARE recruiting a person like Hitler the more they tighten their grip They also don't know that their weakness in ideals is also a weakness in persistence and fortitude, which is what this new Cult of Personality and their followers will have Who will get the worst of it, us in the middle that value reason, free speech and morality to defeat evil
      • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply If you knew Hitler's views you may think differently. Do the people that record history lie? Try and research and your path will be blocked.
        • OleCrankyGamer parent reply I know the people behind Hitler's views and the Communists who helped catapult him into power. Same with Mussolini
    • Rule62eh parent reply Sorry brah, but ya just lost all credibility with me.
  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply How is it that a bakery is forced to make a gay wedding cake against their will, but Google is not forced to permit the Gab app?
    • supernova743 parent reply The bakery was in an area with clear diversity laws. They didn't break a state law they broke city rules. If the bakery was simply outside the city the complainants wouldn't have had a case. There are currently no rules that govern which programs google has to accept.
    • Bitchspot parent reply In legal terms, the bakery violated anti-discrimination laws. Google has not done that.
  • [ – ] andrenescu reply I thought you upload on vidme first like blackpigeon. Instead this video is 13 hours later than the one on youtube.
    • OctopusOnFire parent reply Same goes for others like Sargon. Lead by example, my dudes.
    • [ – ] Badger_Wild parent reply It's easier to upload to youtube then vidme because youtube will share to vidme but vidme won't share to youtube I do the same thing it's convenience. If vidme changed this the vids would show up here first then youtube
      • [ – ] andrenescu parent reply Yeah but 13 hours delay for that? To me it seems like youtube doesn't "try" hard enough.
        • Badger_Wild parent reply Well youtube wants to sterilize their content creator base their doing all sorts of crap that most of the big yt won't talk about because most of youtubes new policies only affect new and up coming channels like mine here's my vid on it if you want to see how bad it's getting for the little guys.
  • [ – ] rubbishycrap reply Antifa attack loopy white nationalists? NAZZYS IN TOWN! Barcelona murders by islamists? WHITE NAZZYS! The one eyed MSM never fail to deliver on hypocrisy.
    • Badger_Wild parent reply Ya I'm like, "we have nazis and commi's looking to fight each other. Just let them go and cull the herd"
  • JonTheBemused reply I've said it before: #GoogleAreEvil
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply I had sean hannity all wrong for the longest time. It seems like he really is an honest guy that is fighting against the establishment
    • eMuralla parent reply I have been disagreeing with Fox news for as long as I can remember on almost everything but when push comes to shove clearly we both are on the side of the 1 amendment and against fascism
    • Honeythorn parent reply Aptoide is a nice "open" app storefront alternative to the iTunes, Playstore, Amazon and Microsoft app storefront giants.
  • [ – ] Honeythorn reply Gab is available on Aptoide. Just downloaded the application and all is well.
    • Rule62eh parent reply Wasn't aware of "Aptoide". Thought ya did a typo. Will keep that in mind if Playstore starts dropping all the Free speech apps.
  • [ – ] FrizzleFry reply My new word .... 'bigley' :-)
  • Caz_Gerald reply If forced to choose between joining anti-white fascists or pro-white fascist, self-preservation will dictate my choice.
  • Balkanian reply expand (possible spam) Dabbing on the'em Commies
  • AxxL_Afriku reply fuck the fucking google
  • Fell_Rider reply Thanks for keeping the show going, you're the one i go to for excellent reporting on the free speech war front. Keep at it bother
  • [ – ] hornsandhops reply Brave is absolutely awful. By the time the damn thing loads, I can already have my content running on Firefox. I do, however, LOVE StartPage. That was a great find! Thanks!
    • VGJustice parent reply I tried Brave as well, and found it to be hugely bloated. It spikes in CPU usage regularly, making itself non-responsive on my system. It's a nice browser, but way too resource heavy for my taste. I switched to Pale Moon. It's like modern Firefox, but considerably lighter and more stable.
  • [ – ] rubbishycrap reply Brave isn't that praiseworthy, in exchange for not serving you with ads from every web spy out there, they serve up their own and take a cut of the web spy's revenue by hosting it but just not showing it. Stick with Firefox, NoScript and a proper ad blocker.
    • Shimeran parent reply Problem is that doesn't address Firefox jumping on the censorship bandwagon. If Brave isn't your cup of tea, Pale Moon is another option that's been running pretty smoothly for me.
    • Rule62eh parent reply Did a Bing, Google and DuckDuckgo Search using Brave app on Android. Zero ads on Bing and Google. One ad on DuckDuckGo which was a legit site with a "brave." prefix. Guess DuckDuckGo allows or does not block Brave ads while rest prevented it. Would like to hear other's thoughts. Bottom line. Nothing is free. Either we pay for the product or we are the product. The big guys can throw you a few freebies to entice but you will pay in the end either by subscription or having your info provided to marketers. If seeing one add on a search that was placed by Brave is the cost of doing business I'm good. If they are up to other things, please advise.
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply As Trump is the US President, why doesn't he use an Executive Order to guarantee free speech on the internet ??? The US still controls the internet as far as I know.
    • Bitchspot parent reply It used to, Obama pretty much handed control of the Internet over to multinational interests.
    • [ – ] tmnsoon parent reply I don't think that's a precedent that would be good to set. What happens when Trump is out of the white house and some leftie Democrat is in? Then it's going to be much easier for them to regulate the Internet because of Trump's legacy.
  • TenderBabyMeat reply To-do checklist: YouTube uninstalled. AndroidPay uninstalled. Set up personal email server (Gmail no longer needed) Twitter closed. Facebook closed. Just need to find a version of Android with all Gapps stripped out. I'm done with using anything Google.
  • Gilgaearel_Baen reply The thing I don't really get is why you retaining your accounts on google! I don't get it.. honestly... There are a trillion other platforms to upload videos and articles, get supported from your audiences etc. The thing you ought to do is to get the f...out of google, delete your content from there ( after moving it somewhere else- in order to deprive google from any of your revenue), take your viewers, followers, subscribers, audience ( whatever you want to call them) and move somewhere else. Those who like you will follow you. P.S I'm living for the day that Pew DiePie will encourage his 56 million followers to get out of YT.
  • [ – ] DisgruntledAnon reply "White nationalism is now 'state sanctioned' under Donald Trump, experts say" That article name on its own I can't even describe with words. Jesus christ. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
    • DisgruntledAnon parent reply Y'know what. I'll dissect every fucking word right now. "White nationalism" False. UniteTheRight was an umbrella for ALL right-leaning people from conservative to neo-nazi. The only thing that was perfectly consistent with everyone there is nationalism and conserving traditions. Everything else is in the air and can be debated by all parties. "Now 'state sanctioned'" Is peaceful organized protest not state sanctioned? Did I miss the day that the switch was flipped when white nationalists weren't allowed to speak and then suddenly gained the ability to? All speech is valid so long as it is not a direct threat to any person or persons. "Under Donald Trump" I see what this is. You're trying to connect this to Trump because he was the only damn politician in the country who would stand up for the people's right to speak. "Experts say" And the final part, that makes every other word okay. Oh, just some experts said this somewhere, probably at a dinner party. What kind of expert? Doesn'...moret matter. What's their profession? Doesn't matter. All that matters is that someone out there thinks it, therefore it's news. Fuck man. News is a shitshow.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply So terrible....
  • esperan2k reply I tried Brave on my tablet (Surface Pro 2 I think) and it didn't work for shit. At least it didn't work well with the touch screen functions. Works ok on my phone though, but unfortunately I had to go back to Firefox on the tablet for now just to get anything to work at all.
  • Texastom reply I've seen the this before, the religious right did the same for decades, now i guess the left thinks it's thier turn. as for Google, i don't use apps, i use desk top sites throught bing, Duck,Duck,Go, etc.
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