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  • jeff4justice reply @RKHarleyguy415708 As political creators, we're losing the battle for free thought and need to adapt accordingly. Here's what I've been telling the bigger political creators complaining about YouTube censorship: "Considering how over-saturated video venues are with political content creators, crowd-funding alone is unlikely a sustainable business model for all the political creators complaining about censorship. What ya'll need to do is reach out to your peers in media and also other creators who are pro-free-thought (right, left, or the middle like me) and try to join forces to create a new video platform or majorly invest in something that already exists (like Minds, Steemit, or BitChute) to help it become a free-thought video venue platform. If you three don't have the funds collectively then snowball up in reaching out to more and more creators until you start getting the ears of people with massive resources like Alex Jones. Jones once attempted a social media site after al...morel, though it appears dead (PlanetInfowars). Or try to get a venue like CRTV to become a creator-welcoming venue. Vidme has already made clear that they are ok treating creators unequally. Source: I would do it myself but with only 10k followers I don't have the resources or influence to generate that kind of publicity." Anyway... I'm not right or left. I'm a wannabe voluntaryist, middle of the road, NAP supporting, golden rule type who votes outside the failed 2 party system. I suspected YouTube was shadow banning over a year ago. I then made vids explaining how it made no sense that my vid viewers were low compared to how many subscribers I had. Also my vid quality got better and I was doing celeb interviews and still my content would not build momentum. Here's hoping free thought prevails.
  • Ledererable reply dont forget microsoft and apple ! greetings from germany
  • HELLTOPAY reply I don't think the CIA funded Facebook. Zuckerberg is at fault. I do not agree with these major conspiracy theories...what is the motive? This is vintage Alex Jones...blown way out of proportion and I disagree. I won't upvote this..seems like the CIA is behind everything and I will never believe they have that much power. Time will tell, but this is as fanatical and ludicrous as UFOs. BTW, Johnson was behind the JFK assassination and from what I have seen in countless "accounts," it is really plausible. Unsophisticated men were behind killing JFK. LBJ was was a sadist...(beat a donkey to death in Texas in his youth) and was probably the worst excuse for a human being in the 1960s. How convenient: blame everything on the CIA because no other explanation least to date. Meantime, we are in a Divine era when all things hidden will be revealed. Be patient...whatever is to come light, will come to light by Divine will and design. This country belongs to Jesus, His Divine Father an...mored to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the Patroness of the United States; great things are coming through Divine intervention. (Search the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition to George Washington as he noted in his diary.) Keep your eye on the eclipse in August (20th and 21st) which will signal a change and on September 23, 2017 when God will perform a miracle of the Woman Clothed in The Sun as it pertains to Rev. 12:1 which signals the Second Coming of Christ. Here is one link among many from various Christian denominations: Sit tight and have faith. Sidebar: President Trump is from the hand of God. He is a great man needed during this time and we need him (as an act of God's wisdom and mercy) along with prayer and a fuller understanding which will prevail. Jesus will not and is incapable of failing us. "Trust and be not afraid." Not the CIA nor any power on earth can overtake or defeat the power of Christ as God the Son and Son of Man. Evil will be brought to a halt. Set your sights on Him and prophetic signs of the times instead of these rediculous, unproved theories which, in the end, are nothing more than moot points against a Divine will. People like Zuckerberg and globalists may mean nothing in the scheme of it all. I believe that when you broaden your knowledge in history, you broaden your views.
  • OldTimer reply Yes you are right Gabe on the CIA, they have much blood on their hands... years ago I seen & learned what power they have they are as like the KGB not much difference they have tortured many people in many ways & many people was murdered by them across the world including U.S. citizens. there is no doubt in my mind that the CIA also works within the Google arena it is another means of theirs as in other ways to for them to collect data/info on everyone through our phones, computers & other devices, as we have always heard big brother is watching our every move where we go & what we say, very scary to say the least but it's happening...
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