【Shingeki no Kyojin】Opening 3「Shinzou wo Sasageyo」(English Cover by Dima Lancaster & BrokeN)

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  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply So question, how many of your previous videos are you reuploading here? I'm happy you're moving over, but I'm just curious how long until the burst uploads is over.
    • [ – ] RagingGhosts parent reply This account is only be used as a backup for now just in case my YouTube channel goes down. So I'm re-uploading all of my videos to date.
      • DynastyStar parent reply Okay so you're not uploading any of the videos from when your previous(I believe that at one point your channel got terminated) got scorched? and regardless of intent, I'm happy you're here even if its as a "backup". Very few of the channels I follow are willing to move over. At least now there's an increasing amount of quality content being uploaded here so I don't have like... 1 person who uploads here that I follow.
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