ER: Old Injurys Haunt Again

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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply Take a break and rest that injury. Huggies!
    • DancingSouless parent reply 🤗*Huggies*🤗 I wish I could take a break . but its not so easy as it sounds. when you have so much to worry about it just stresses things to make you work more. To be honest I work 24/7 on my video just to make sure they keep comming out on time. Right now I got all my Sky Crew Platinum Edition done and uploading one by one each day. if not more because some go faster then others. So as soon as it get to number 15 In the video I will have to start work immediately. there 17 episodes all together. Depending on how fast they upload will depend if i got time to rest. I have been resting today . been taken my medicine and icing my knee. I am just hoping it gets better. I am scared to see what happends if it doesnt. this is one time I wish that freaken USA would have free health care. because I cant afford any medical. All I can take care of is medicine if it is in affordable range. its like Russian roulette at this point. I dont like saying it but thats how it has beens so far with ...moremy medical.
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