Pence Breaks Senate Tie, Family Planning Rule Knocked Down: My Thoughts

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  • [ – ] LeChat777 reply The video quality here seems a bit better than YouTube.
  • [ – ] BocaBradley reply I like this new platform. Im receiving notifications on my smartphone(my main portal) whenever you post videos.
  • kiabiathecat reply I'd like to see Vidme take off!
  • girlreadingbooks reply Nice coverage - I am working on a full reading and commentary of the US Constitution for my channel and was just editing the portion which states the VP is the President of the Senate, with the ability to break a tie - which I had said happens not too often- AND THEN THIS! Looks like I'll be re-recording ><
  • paulcolbythorel reply i believe that the determination of when the unborn actually becomes a life, due to the fact that the very doctors that perform abortions are the same doctors that debunked the claim of abortion not being murder...the moment that they decided to harvest cells tissue and organs from aborted fetuses was the same moment that they confirmed that was in fact a cant harvest good tissue, good cells, and good organs from a non life..its impossible... now as far as it being a woman's right...if it were a woman's right , you wouldnt hear about women being barren...that baby is a gift from god..he already demonstrated this when he opened sarah's womb well after child bearing a woman does not have a right to murder her baby.
  • wolfalexzemla reply I WONT WATCH STYX ON YOU TUBE. Google wants my phone num and address to post a comment. No!, enough is enough STOP USING GOOGLE
  • Disfear reply Good stuff.
  • Jake-Page reply Youtube has been long overdue for competition.
  • AaronJTC reply You make a good argument.
  • KnightsofKek reply Why not do the odd video only for VidME users or upload some videos here earlier to encourage more users?
  • ArchaicRealms reply For every pro-life breath I breathe, I make sure to spend 10.2 actually caring about people and their lives. Gotta work it ground up. The abortion option exists and will never go away. People caring and supporting others... that has a chance of disappearing.
  • OpulentMiracle reply This distribution of opinion about abortion is more like this: 20% no abortion on-demand, 60% don't like it but want generally available abortion (first and second trimester only), 20% always available.
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