What Is The Future of YouTube?

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  • [ – ] DavyDevilution reply All content creators, should migrate to 'BitChute' & 'Vidme' Let (((YouTube))) Die A Slow Death
    • [ – ] OutsideTheCircle parent reply Vid.me is literally everything Youtubers have been bitching for since the first big redesign in 2010. Want a comment system that informs you when users reply to you instead of the entire fucking thread? Done. Want to stay subbed to and actually be notified when your subscriptions post a video? Right here. Want the trending tab to actually tell you what's trending instead of a bunch of D list cable network leftovers? They've got you covered. If you haven't moved over by now you're just a lazy fuck. No two ways about it.
      • DFNSVN parent reply Right? This is what I remember YT being before the asshattery began to take hold.
    • theunbeholden parent reply or WrongThink.net and Dtube.Video
    • patrickbrinkmann parent reply I am online Now
  • [ – ] TruckStopSantaClaus reply Watching this on Vidme cuz fuck YouTube
    • Platypus67 parent reply I watch less stuff on censortube each and every day; the more of my favorite content creators migrate over here the better!! VidMe just has to reinstall these icons of whom i follow on the app; i currently can't check if somebody had uploaded anything that's not on 'my feed'. Brilliant rant btw!!!
  • PhantomVigilante reply I fucking hope that YouTube dies. We need a fresh start. Vidme master race!
  • TheGamingCentaur reply I swear, YouTube has now become the place small content creators DIE! I've been focusing more and more on Vidme, to the point that I've disabled my adblocker on Vidme, so content creators can get adrevenue from their videos on here. It's nothing too big but it's just a way I want to support this site's growth when adrevenue becomes an official thing for the site. Yes, Vidme has done some bad things, yes, they blocked politics from the front page, and even I get sick of just how much right wing content floods Vidme sometimes. But, the errors Vidme does are all human, not ones meant to focus on their own politics, Vidme did block several catagories from reaching the front page, but lets face it, normal people might get scared off and think Vidme is more of one kind of content than the other, and as much as I complain about how much right wing content is pumped out (I do enjoy it, but like everything, it's best to enjoy it in moderation not just buckets and buckets full with no signs of ...morestopping) it's better than what YouTube has been doing. Vidme is still young, it's still growing, and it needs support for it to grow. YouTube, as I see it, is making terrible decision after decision, making them worse and worse as time goes on. Sure they are the king, but all kings fall one day. Keep spreading the word about Vidme to everyone; only then can we see real, positive change, and I can't wait to see the two sites actually compete against each other
  • [ – ] FuerchtegottGellert reply Like every bad F2P game Youtube will end as a Myspace with bots.
  • [ – ] PhantomVigilante reply Vidme needs video-responses and streaming.
  • [ – ] Joe_Somebody reply I like your Netflix example, I actually didn't know they were so badly in debt; I have a feeling its because they are just trying to pursue a "more is better" strategy. I got rid of my Netflix after that "dear white people" shit personally.
    • [ – ] 10mm parent reply Netflix got rid of so much licensed content it's not even funny. But really, you're better off just buying a series of a show you like on disc instead of paying monthly rental fees to see it. You can always make vid rips of it. And let's not even get into all the free services to find something to stare at. Crackle, Pluto TV, Tubi TV and others appearing all the time. It's more TV than I even bother to watch. It's 2017, there's other pursuits than staring at the idiot box for 10 hours a day.
      • Joe_Somebody parent reply I always tried to make sure only to watch about 1-2 hours a day anyway, because there were very few shows that I actually wanted to see. That said, the only original series that I liked they seemed to cancel (like Mongols), all while pushing terrible original content in its place (Marvel crap, Dear White People).
    • [ – ] geotechland parent reply I still kind of like netflix. They have no ads
      • Joe_Somebody parent reply Amazon prime doesn't have any ads either, neither does HBO GO. I personally think that Netflix started off as a great thing but they've been slacking the last few years.
  • Tenferenzu reply Funfact: Netflix uses Amazon Cloud services ;)
  • Rey_Ojete reply Deleted my DoucheTube account and switched to Vidme. Vaya con Dios bitches.
  • DuerstTheWuerst reply expand (possible spam) Mass exodus to Vid me baby!
  • Natanahel reply 00:57 >"It's not censorship, we are just going to move your comments where no one can see them" ...wat
  • Mike_The_Monsta reply Love watching razor on vidme :)
  • Belarus-Chan reply Great video. If YouTube wishes to become a Netflix clone, I'm abandoning them completely.
  • [ – ] RayOfHope reply God fuckin speed
  • SGWaS reply I've joined Vidme because I was kicked off of YouTube. I'm liking it a lot so far, even if I haven't seen much success on it yet. The community seems to be more relatable, since most users are creators themselves, and I don't get tons of hate and spam comments like I did on YouTube. YouTube can just do what it likes, for all I care. It's the service where you can find the most success, but it's the most controlling and sensitive of the bunch. Put up a few "offensive" memes, and bam, your channel's gone. It's what happened to mine, and many others for even more arbitrary reasons.
  • JakenFrost reply Razorfist is the one that lit a fire under my ass and got me to migrate to vidme. God-fuckin'-speed to you, Razor, and God-fuckin'-speed to you, everyone at Vid.me. Here's a toast and a prayer for the slow demise of YouTube.
  • [ – ] Iumih reply It's just me that i don't have ads on vid.me even with ad-block deactivated? Mah...
    • Joe_Somebody parent reply Click on the button to post a comment and try playing it again; a lot of times I don't see adds when its the screen that shows all their other videos but not the comments on said video.
  • High_Marshal_Jaeger reply Well good thing I put my best content on THIS sight only.
  • Auceza reply YouTube is a Venus flytrap.
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