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  • [ – ] Magnetrex reply I'm starting to think that Rob Walker really enjoys wearing that t-rex mask
  • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore reply There actually IS a good Suicide Squad movie out there. It;s called Batman: Assault on Arkham. Give it a watch, it's awesome!
  • [ – ] FrameByFrame reply Believe it or not, I actually really enjoyed Suicide Squad when I saw it. I'm not one of those insane DC Fanboys that's going to say it's a 100% beautiful masterpiece (because it totally isn't), but I don't think it's a horrendous disaster that should be trashed entirely. I think it's just...okay. Nothing special, but okay. This movie's gonna be remembered for its marketing and A-List cast, and even the soundtrack in some regards, but no one in 10 years is gonna say, "turn on the TV, let's watch Suicide Squad!" Disappointing, sure. But is it a complete Whether you love it or hate it, you've gotta admit there's good stuff in the film.
    • [ – ] pokematic parent reply "Complete disaster" belongs to BVS. Talk about a shell of a movie with everyone just going through the actions, and motivations being "because the writers said so" Why are batman and superman fighting? Because it's the title of the movie. Why is Lex a villain, because Joker was busy and Zod was dead. Why is Wonder Woman in it, because we needed someone else for the posters and trailers.
  • Sacky reply "I'm a dinosaur" that got me
  • CrazySeanDX reply I still don't think this needed to be clipless. Granted, it left a lot of room for your comedy, but the movie has been on DVD for months, and these clipless reviews are usually reserved for movies still in theaters. Fant4stic might as well have been clipless, just cause.
  • [ – ] ScottSand523431 reply …Except Power Rangers DOES have Blasters. Even MMPR did. So they do shoot at people! There's just no blood because apparently being incongruous with comparisons is ok?
  • JBFNY428 reply You know something, this review reminded why the DCCU is FAILING! The DCCU IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO APPEASE TROLLS!
  • pokematic reply The movie would have been better if it was like the 10th movie in the DCEU, and all the character's were the villains of their hero's respective movies. We wouldn't have needed their back story (established in the previous movies), we wouldn't have needed to be reminded they were bad guys (established in the previous movies), and we could have had some horrific event that would have prevented the actual heroes from saving the day making these guys the last resort (presumably established in the movie directly before this one).
  • blazedu reply I still like the clipless reviews. It doesn't always work but this one was great. Funniest scene was doug pissed at amanda in the background flipping her off XD
  • LeftHeadGrave reply If DC really wants to pull a Marvel, pull a Fox. Give us a stand alone movie with a comedy violence character as a palate cleanser... Give us Lobo.
  • Shibe_Kun reply Ayyyy, Classic Bill.
  • Epica reply Great review from nostalgia critic. This is more better than the actual the movie. Channel Awsome should just go for a full spoof of Suicide Squad.
  • TatarCast reply I'm a dinosaur is back Yes!
  • cpend7 reply Umm... Biggest elephant in the room do you know that there's a DVD and Blu-Ray is here?
  • Weeznaz reply Dear Nostalgia Critic, I wanted to say thank you. You were my first introduction to online user generated content and you still make me smile after all these years.
  • SimplyMad reply Jim had a better laugh than Jared, needs to get more into character.
  • Mister_Shots reply Knock knock, what...your holding anal beads...
  • NostalgiaCriticJunior reply Awesome video Guys you impress with ever single episode you put out keep up the great work, I look forward to see what will be the next review
  • Nyhan_Films reply I hate everything about the actual movie, except Jai Courtney, and that's really saying something, because he's a cartoon character.
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