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  • Dogzz1 reply Whitey's story... A beautiful dog who has lived in Aruba with his owner Cornelia nearly all his life. Cornelia has loved and nurtured Whitey, caring for him since the first day he showed up on her doorstep over 4 yrs ago. She has loved loved him, taken him on many fun outings, made sure he had all his Veterinary visits, ( & keeps all his medical records!) and has everything a dog he could ever need. When Cornelia goes to Switzerland each year and has to leave the Island, her neighbor Harold (whom she is very close with) is happy to care for Whitey while she is gone. In addition to Harold, she has a housekeeper checking in on him as well. They all love Whitey and to me, that's alot of eyes on one dog! Cornelia's home is right on the beach and her yard faces a large Hotel beach. Often, Whitey and Harold's 2 dogs (Whitey's best dog buddys') run on the beach together. They love to run on the sand and get wet! But one day, an American couple on vacation in Aruba scooped up W...morehitey and quickly filed paperwork adopting Cornelia's dog. (This couple did not look for Whitey's owner, and they told the center that Whitey was a stray) Within less than 48hrs they had Whitey on a plane to America. Cornelia looked everywhere for Whitey for days and days (How was she to know that someone took him to another country!) She searched high & low when finally someone came forward mentioning a couple who took a dog that resembled Whitey. After investigating, she learned that it was in fact her dog Whitey they took! She contacted the center who allowed the adoption of her dog, and the center then contacted the American couple. They told the couple there was a mistake and that the owner would like her dog back but they said no and that they wanted to keep him. They feel they can do better job caring for Whitey. THEN went on to tell the public that Whitey was starving, malnourished, dehydrated and "sad." Clearly, none of these tales are an accurate depiction of Whitey and his life. Just look at the photos and videos! There are dozens more too on Facebook! The couple not only took Whitey, but changed his name!! He HAS a name, the name given to him 4 years ago by his owner Cornelia! You can't just take a dog off the street and now it's yours. They're trying to portray themselves as "Rescuers," but Whitey was CLEARLY happy, healthy and did not need to be saved! They are not the judge & jury of animals! They have decided on their own that Cornelia's dog is better off with them?? What???? You can't just dictate what your going to do with someone else's pet because you believe you can do a better job! Who does that? They can inflate their story all day long but at the end of the day they have a dog who clearly belongs to someone else. Cornelia has all Whitey's medical records, any and all paperwork on her dog. Not to mention, she never signed a release surrendering her dog! She would NEVER! The American couple made all these claims about how sickly Whitey was but yet the Vet report they obtained for their customs paperwork, says only that Whitey is perfectly healthy. Get your own dog and give Whitey back to his rightful owner and his family! How would they like to be taken from their family, name changed and be told "But we can do a better job at being your family!" You'd want to go back to your family!
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