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  • [ – ] scottwebb reply Love it all, man! I actually just got my drone, but I haven't been able to even take it for a first test flight because of cold and other weather. Pray! LOL Look forward to more vids and story :)
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply Totally jealous of the drone skills bro, let alone the drone itself haha. I got a small one for Christmas, to learn on and see how much I'd use it for videos. Haven't had a chance to use it since the first flight though
  • BrianAiya reply I never get bored of drone footage, they are great! but drone footage with a purpose? that's even better. I like your thinking.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Im so jealous! I want a drone now x( I was about to say it seems like its really easy to crash these things.
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Great Vlog, I always think drone shots looks so dope! I would be afraid of crashing a drone if i had one.
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