Charlton to Trump, North Korea Ballistic Missile Test Fails, There is NO REAL THREAT

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  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply The only threat North Korea is, is that they don't have a private central bank there that the bankers control. There are 3 countries left that don't. Syria, North Korea and Iran. Guess who the bankers are at war with? The war on Iran is next.
  • JumanjiJim reply Kim Jong Un is a joke.
  • John-Goras reply Speaking of Nukes and dogs. And total guy movies. Do a review of the 1975 classic A Boy and His Dog. That'd be SICK! If you haven't seen it, Well, let's say it was a huge influence on me.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I think you are very perceptive about North Korea. But I've said it before. The dominant elite have a plan and they are going to try to push it through. Fortunately, they have opposition, or it would be over already. That's the first movie review I've seen from you. This could be a new thing. Forget Siskel and Ebert. It's Charlton at the Movies!
  • Hoplopfheil reply It took a lot of money to make the US and Russian nuclear and space programs work. Money that I don't think North Korea has.
  • [ – ] Strobilus reply I hope you didn't legitimately take the time to follow almost 37,000 people. Bots?
  • [ – ] WilliamTheGreat reply I agree. We are supposed to fear NKs subs now? They could hit us with nukes? Their most recent show of force was a line of frigging tanks making a big boom. This whole thing is horse shit and I'm disappointed in Trump.
  • [ – ] AdamAlake reply What camera do you use?
  • [ – ] MackenzieLambert reply North Korea comes off as saber-rattling, but it's really a Nerf sword.
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