Anita Sarkeesian still thinks Everything is Racist! FT Ranting Monkey

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  • Aaronshy reply Things to remember. Almost all terrorists are muslim despite not all muslims being terrorists not to mention how long had we been at war? And lets not forget Isis is a muslim terrorist group! Anita is a blind fool.
  • Ndoki reply "Anita Sarkeesian still thinks..." That's where you're wrong bud.
  • Tosh_Time1 reply Ha ha great vid! I'm new to this platform so bare with me. Feel free to also check out my channel if/when you have a free chance:)
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply About halfway in you say something about the villians always being over or underweight etc.... well thats ableism and fat shaming mate ;o) ... you can't make em happy (unless you take her on a wild ride.. shell be happy for about a week or so)
  • Texastom reply Anita's mental gymnastic are legendary.10/10 would drown in a bath tub
  • GoMGTOW reply Listed! Welcome to Vidme guys!
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