HELPING A MERC IN NEED ♥ Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic [EP. 20]

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  • [ – ] VanJazz reply This Game is an all-time top 10, The sequel with the Sith Wars Restoration Mod is arguably even better
    • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply I heard the sequel was pretty good. I was hooked on this one from learning of it from my husband. I am loving it so far!
      • [ – ] VanJazz parent reply Unfortunately, Although the second is great with the mod, it was also the set up for a third one which never got made, On it's original release the second one was cut to ribbons, to the point where it didnt make much sense. Some modders found all of the cut content on the disc and made The Sith Wars Restoration Mod. When you play it with the mod, its a classic but thats only for PC, the PC game also has controller support. Theres a whole tale of corporate bullshit as far as the reasons for all of this but thats the short version lol
        • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply Damn. That has to suck though for the third to ever not be made. I don't know if it is true, but I heard my husband say the rumor that Bioware may do a new look to the first Kotor. I'm not sure if they would go through with that.
          • [ – ] VanJazz parent reply From what I managed to figure out it was a fan made thing but I didn't look very deeply into it, I also think I remember EA which is Bioware pretty much, being mentioned, I'm pretty sure that what I saw was the fan thing, maybe the fans were looking for a suger daddy, can't remember but I did look pretty awesome. The second Kotor was made by Obsidian, Bioware did Jade Empire which wasn't all that good as I remember, Then they did The Kotor MMO which was pretty bad as well.
            • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply So they pretty much flunked on the other games they had hands on. Jade Empire and the MMO. That is pretty sad. I'm just glad they did well enough for the first Kotor. If they are coming out with a remake of the game, I hope to goodness that do it justice.
              • [ – ] VanJazz parent reply Same, But even if not the original still stands up, I dread to think what Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be like, but I don't play new games to be honest so I'll wait and see what people say about it. Another Game that still looks great now is Metal Gear Solid.
                • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply I wonder about the new remake of FF 7 as well. It's going to be in episodes still, isn't it? Not sure what to make of that. I agree! Metal Gear Solid still is a great game.
                  • [ – ] VanJazz parent reply Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that, Hmmm, that doesn't bode well does it, Well anyway nice chatting with ya, If I'm right in thinking you havent played KOTOR before, you have a lot to look forward to with it, apart from Manaan which does get a bit tedious as I remember lol, so I'll let ya get back to it.
                    • AwesomeJenn parent reply It's no problem at all! I enjoy the conversation of games in general. I am totally new to Kotor, and I look forward to diving into these battles and planets. Thank you for the heads up as well. ^_^
  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply Carth the bitchy dude! XD Most accurate description of Carth I've ever heard!
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