Resident of Flint speaks on the water crisis #FlintWaterCrisis

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  • Siccoblue reply @quibbleable93 you're not too bright yourself, Muslim =/= isis
  • quibbleable93 reply @Jon_Jacob112 Are you fucking dumb???? Blaming this on muslims is downright stupid and idiotic, it's the states fault.
  • Xanza reply Because every time he does people always start crying about big Government and the President overstepping his bounds. Then, when he does nothing, and allows the issues to run their course in their appropriate channels, he gets criticized for not doing anything. Seems like a shit job, honestly. Quite like IT.
  • MORZA reply Why hasn't the president stepped in on this crisis?
  • carloslara reply Jon_Jacobs112 you are more dangerous to this country than the "muslims", your ignorance is endemic and unfortunately is growing around the country, go back to school, otherwise, you are cancelling the future of your own kids.
  • Googahgee reply @Get_Out_My_Way1 scam website, steals your account info, nice try.
  • FlintGate reply #1 @hollywoodhsc WE CAN'T SELL OUR HOUSES!! @donbvonb Did you seriously just call me a bitch? Grow up. Also, I never said I was bathing in bottled water. People cannot afford that, we are getting 1 case per house per day!! But there are people getting $1400/mth water bills. Seniors who love alone. Do some research before spouting IGNORANCE. And to everyone else, our state did this to us.
  • pastapizza reply i got no snarky comment to make for this video. this is just messed up.
  • FlintGate reply This is me in the video and this is not a race issue. It's a class issue.
  • StefGruber reply You have been screwed over by the state, the only entity that can force you to buy their products and services, royally. Since there is no free market in law enforcement (and poisoning people is again the law, natural law that is, not legislation) you can only flee. It sucks, but it's true. It's like the Mongols are coming and all you can do to save yourself is to run away. You'll lose everything, except your life.
  • hollywoodhsc reply If you're not happy, move the fuck out! I don't understand why people stick around areas that have 'historically' been shit.
  • kaushik reply United Auto Workers are doing a good job. The National Guard is there to cause problems.
  • Flowdeeps reply There's a handful of things that should belong to the people and not be tendered out to private corporations: your nation's health and your nation's water. Everything else is fair game but one is your workforce and the other is a human right. Whoever let Flint's water be run for profit needs arresting.
  • Lizmo82 reply The president doesn't give 3 sh*ts about anyone but himself. It took him over 10 months to even respond with a big fat no to help Texas when millions of homes were being burned down in the fires. After months of begging, he gave a few weeks worth of help. Gee thanks!
  • p0tofg0ld reply Private corps forcing the hand of gov. Gov, unable to react for the longest time... the only exuse I can understand...
  • Jon_Jacob112 reply wow this is terrible has anyone asked if maybe this was a moslem terror attack i could see ISIS doing something like this to kill americans
  • SambaSchutte reply As an African immigrant, I'd prefer being back in Africa right now
  • TheKingofTV reply I have always been ashamed to be born in Flint.
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply she don't look like the people i see on the news about this issue
  • smileybridge reply The Flint crisis is so bad it's like a promo for an apocalypse movie introducing Michael Moore as Nostradamus.
  • donbvonb reply bitch u got a thousand dollar water bill u know u naint bathing in bottled water
  • logicblocks reply Ignore the hasbara kids blaming it on "moslems". Muslims actually volunteered to bring bottled water to Flint. Source:
  • CamBrexler reply I like her hoodie promoting flint strippers as the truck is making it rain bottle waters. #flintstrong
  • RobOReilly reply There's a documentary about this city called Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • stevek reply I honestly can't remember ever hearing good news out of Flint. It sounds like a town that Stephen King invented.
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