The Future Of Console Gaming

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  • Corinthious reply That's definitely something I'm gonna bring up in the next video.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply There is something to be said for consoles that are specifically optimized for games that are older and thus built in ways that would today be extremely hard to run well on modern computer architecture, but any and all modern games should at least have a PC port. Soon enough, consoles will run into the problem of maximum optimization for a few features and will have to start expanding their usefulness in other ways to survive the market, which will turn them into normal computers. I contend that this is a good thing since it will force computer makers generally to innovate while making more and more games accessible from any platform the player chooses or at least it should if consoles aren't just integrated into already-existing lines of computers (which honestly, I expect Microsoft to try). I imagine consoles might last 4 more generations before this happens, but we'll just have to wait and see
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